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Learn the reasons for this project, the range of environment groups involved, the way the project works and its relationship to indigenous traditional title holders

Take a look at issues of law, culture and politics involved in native title and protecting natural and indigenous cultural values

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Find articles, discussion papers and reference material from the project, and join the debate

Get the latest policy positions and review the development of policy to date


Queensland Conservation Council

Protected Areas and
Native Title Policy

Great Barrier Reef
Marine Park RAP

Briefing paper for environment groups on native title issues

The campaign to protect Queensland's Wild Rivers

Last chance to save
Qld's Wild Rivers

Queensland Leasehold
Land Review

Position paper on native
title and leasehold land



Native title and protected areas project
E-mail: The project coordinator
Mail: QCC, PO Box 12046,
George Street Post Shop, Brisbane, 4003
Ph: 07 3221 0188 Fax: 07 3229 7992

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