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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission - ATSIC

Australian Indigenous Websites - Links

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies - AIATSII

Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research - a research centre focusing on Indigenous Australian economic policy and economic development issues, including native title and land rights, social justice, and the socioeconomic status of Indigenous Australians

Central Land Council - Northern Territory

FAIRA Aboriginal Corporation - Foundation for Aboriginal and Islander Research Action

Indigenous Land Corporation - independent statutory authority to assist indigenous peoples in Australia to acquire and to manage land

Map of Aboriginal Australia - created by Dr David Horton

Northern Land Council - Northern Territory

Report on Australian Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property Rights - Our Culture: Our Future


Native title

Building Reconciliation - Protocol - agreement between the Queensland Government and the Queensland Indigenous Working Group

Croker Island Native Title Claim - Northern Land Council commentary

Indigenous Land Use Agreements (ILUAs) - Native Title Services - PDF file

Native Title Research Unit - a unit of AIATSIS

Native Title Services - Queensland Department of Premier and Cabinet

Native Title - The Queensland Response - a guide to the overall State Government position

National Native Title Tribunal - the Commonwealth Government body that facilitates the making of agreements among those whose rights or interests may co-exist with native title

Valuing Native Title - articles by John Sheehan, Native Title Spokesman for the Australian Property Institute

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Biological Diversity and Indigenous Knowledge - Parliamentary Library of Australia Research Paper

Clayoquot Biosphere Trust - Canadian Biosphere Project

Collaboration for Better Aboriginal Land Management Project - Tropical Savannas Cooperative Research Centre papers

Indigenous management of protected areas - DFAT - The Australian Government, which manages protected areas established on lands under its direct control, has entered into joint management with the traditional owners of three national parks

Indigenous unit for Tropical Environmental Management - Tropical Savannas CRC’s Masters course in tropical environmental management explores issues in indigenous land management

Saltwater Country: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Interest in Ocean Policy Development and Implementation - Australia's Ocean Policy Issues Paper - Socio-cultural Considerations - includes Involvement of indigenous people in marine management

Joint ventures - Key committments with Balkanu, Cape York - Balkanu is addressing these issues by campaigning for autonomous methods of project design and implementation through dialogue with various levels of government, corporate groups, environment organisations and educational institutions

National Indigenous Land Strategy 2001-2006 - Indigenous Land Corporation draft

Recognition Rights and Reform - Indigenous Peoples and the Environment - ATSIC socila justice paper

Working with Indigenous Communities Through Joint Management - Environment Australia

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Cape York

Cape York Land Council - native title representative body

Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation

Cape York Partnerships - Innovative development progam

Cape York Peninsula Heads of Agreement - historic tri-partite agreement

Areas of Conservation Significance on Cape York Peninsula - CYPLUS

Maps of Cape York Peninsula - CYPLUS

Starcke, Lakefield return to Traditional Owners - Land Rights Queensland report

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Redland / Quandamooka Native Title Process Agreement

North Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah) Planning and Management Study - PDF file

Quandamooka Lands Council

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South East Queensland

South East Queensland Forest Agreement - Land Rights Queensland special edition

Wilderness Society summary of outcomes of SEQ Forest Agreement

Native Title Representative Bodies Submission on the SEQ Forest Agreement

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Listing of Queensland environment NGOs - non-government organistions on this site

Greenpeace Australia

Community Biodiversity Network

Human Rights and the Environment - the Sierra Club, USA

Humane Society International

International Union for the Conservation of Nature - International body providing recognised protected area categories and advice on world heritage nominations

International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives - ICLEI is the international environmental agency for local governments

Sierra Club Wildlands Campaign - an ambitious agenda to secure lasting protection for 100 million acres of wild America

Mineral Policy Institute - an environmental NGO mining watchdog

World Commission on Protected Areas - To promote the establishment and effective management of a world-wide representative network of terrestrial and marine protected areas

World Heritage - The UNESCO site for the World Heritage Covention, sites, news

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Australian Heritage Commission - a statutory body of the Commonwealth Government administered within the Australian and World Heritage Group of Environment Australia

Australian Biodiversity - Environment Australia

Australian Local Government Association - Indigenous Issues

CSIRO Land and Water - Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Policy - guides to help non-Indigenous Queenslanders understand protocols for consultation and negotiation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Draft State Coastal Management Plan - Qld EPA October 2000

Environment Australia (EA - The Commonwealth Department of Environment and Heritage)

Indigenous Protected Area Program - EA

Indigenous Land Management Facilitator Program - EA

Indigenous Communities and the Environment - EA

The National Reserve System - EA

Marine Protected Areas - EA

Biosphere Reserves - EA

Threatened Species and Threatened Ecological Communities - EA

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority - EA

Cape York Natural Heritage Trust Plan - Mid-term Review of the Natural Heritage Trust - PDF file

National Strategy for the Conservation of Australia's Biological Diversity - the Commonwealth of Australia's framework for protecting Australia's Biodiversity

Native Title and Environmental Information Index - Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines statements on native title and environmental regulation

Wet Tropics Management Authority

Queensland Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Indigenous Cultural Heritage (EPA)

Protected Areas (EPA)

State of the Environment reporting (EPA)

The conservation status of Queensland’s bioregional ecosystems (EPA)

National Parks (EPA)

Endangered Species Recovery / Conservation plans (EPA)

EPA / QPWS Native Title Work Procedures - PDF file

Queensland Natural Resources and Mines Resource Net Atlas - a test website containing maps and information about data on natural resources

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service - Draft Master Plan for Queensland's Parks System

National Park Management in Queensland - Local Government Association of Queensland report - PDF file

Queensland Government - Queensland Government departments, agencies, resources and news

Legislation on-line - Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel, Queensland

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Law and culture

Aboriginal Land Act 1991 - PDF file

Ben Ward & Ors v State of Western Australia & Ors [1998] - Native title exists in the "determination area" as defined ..

Bringing them home - Report of the National Inquiry into the Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children from Their Families

Caring for country - Reviewing protected areas in relation to native title - A. Esposito, Land Rights Queensland, May 1999

Commonwealth of Australia v Yarmirr (1999), Mary Yarmirr v The Northern Territory of Australia (1999) - Federal Court Appeal in the Croker Island case

Documenting a Democracy - Pathways - map of Aboriginal Australia – created by Dr David Horton and produced by the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

Draft Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People - United Nations

Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 - RTF file

Earthrights International - the power of law and the power of people in defense of human rights and the environment

Federal Court of Australia - web site provides information about the Court, its history, current practice and reasons for judgments

Gamak Yi-Ni - the website of the Mirrar Clan

High Court of Australia Cases - This database contains over 6,500 reported and unreported decisions of the High Court of Australia

Indigenous Law Centre - UNSW Faculty of Law - publisher of the Indigenous law Bulletin

Koowarta V. Bjelke-Petersen (1982) - High Court of Australia

Mabo and Others V. Queensland (No. 2) (1992) - High Court of Australia

Media Reports of Land Use Agreements in 1997 and 1998 - ATSIC

Mary Yarmirr & Ors v The Northern Territory of Australia & Ors (1998) - First Judgement in the Croker Island sea rights claim

National Parks and Wildlife Amendment (Aboriginal Ownership) Bill - (New South Wales) Second Reading

Native Title (Queensland ) Act 1993 - PDF File

Native Title Amendment Act 1998 - Commonwealth Legislation - RTF file

Nature Conservation Act 1992 - PDF file

Norman B Tindale - anthropological site of South Australian Museum

Our Culture: Our Future - PDF File

Parliament of Australia - Commonwealth of Australia

Proper Way - ABC Message Stick - protocols, custom, culture

Reconciliation Australia - the independent body established to provide a national focus for reconciliation since the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation ended in December 2000

Royal Commission on Aboriginal Deaths in Custody - Reconciliation and Social Justice Library

State of Western Australia v Ward - includes summary & corrigendum (3 March 2000)

The Tide of History - Yorta Yorta Nations' Story

The Wik Peoples v The State of Queensland & Ors; The Thayorre People v The State of Queensland & Ors - High Court of Australia

Tindale's Tribal Boundaries - maps of Aboriginal group boundaries at the time of European contact

Yanner v Eaton (1999) - High Court of Australia - The appellant is a member of the Gunnamulla clan of the Gangalidda tribe of Aboriginal Australians

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