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Project participant groups



ACF - Australian Conservation Foundation

AMCS - Australian Marine Conservation Society

ARCS - Australian Rainforest Conservation Society

TWS - The Wilderness Society

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NPAQ - National Parks Association Queensland

QCC - Queensland Conservation Council

WPSQ - Wildlife Preservation Society Queensland

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CAFNEC - Cairns and Far North Environment Centre

CCC - Capricorn Conservation Council

FOE - Friends of the Earth (Brisbane)

GECKO - Gold Coast Environment Council

MCG - Mackay Conservation Group

NQCC - North Queensland Conservation Council

SCEC - Sunshine Coast Environment Council

TREC - Toowoomba Regional Environment Council

WBBCC - Wide Bay Burnett Conservation Council

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Other ENGOs involved with the project

BREC - Brisbane Regional Environment Council

CRC - Conondale Range Committee

FOSI - Friends of Stradbroke Island

GSRCC - Great Sandy Region Conservation Council

HOPE - Householders Options to Protect the Environment (Toowoomba)

NPA - Noosa Parks Association

SIMO - Stradbroke Island Management Organisation

WWF - World Wide Fund for Nature

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Native title and protected areas project
E-mail: The project coordinator
Mail: QCC, PO Box 12046,
George Street Post Shop, Brisbane, 4003
Ph: 07 3221 0188 Fax: 07 3229 7992