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The Native Title and Protected Areas Project


Issues and debates

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Articles, discussion papers and reviews

Project papers - A series of articles have been written by the project coordinator to encourage debate and an awareness of topical issues on the native title front. Articles, reviews and discussion papers from people involved in the various aspects of work on indigenous rights and environment protection may be submitted to the project coordinator for publication on-line. The site is available has a forum for debate on these critical issues as they happen.

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Debate, news, e-mail and letters

Interactive debate - There have been a series of forums and policy surveys run with environment groups on the detail of native title and protected area policy ideas. This surveying provided substantial discussion and clarification of issues. A range of comments from environment groups were incorporated into the QCC policy and schedule on this site.

The project will post selected media releases and public statements from environment, indigenous, government and other agencies on current environmental and native title issues.

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Native title and protected areas project
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